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Spirit Guides


60 min (Virtual)


In this Clairvoyant session, I connect with your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Divine Truth to deliver to you all that you are ready to hear, heal, release and receive for your highest good. All of my senses are used as pure channel and receiver of information. I have the ability to read and scan your auric field as well as your physical body and soul's blueprint. Embedded in that blueprint are the lessons you came here to learn, your ancestral lineage patterns, your unique energy codes and templates. 

"My virtual session with Firestar was revelatory. She was picked up on my current life events and what I have been going through very quickly. The Destiny reading was amazingly accurate for the past, present and future. It gave me the confidence to fully move forward with some plans that I had in the works, that I had been tentative about jumping into. We also did inner child and distant healing work that allowed me to come to peace with some issues in my family that have been impacting me since I was very little. A weight was lifted and I felt so much lighter afterwards and ready to shine my light! She is a true healer! "...Julia C.

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