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"My experience with Firestar was absolutely life changing. I had been going to therapy for a few months and after my session with Firestar, I felt like I had been through a deep immersion therapy session. She unlocked such deep rooted issues that felt so freeing to release. Everything she said made so much sense, and every physical symptom she felt in my body was spot on! This was an experience that completely changed my life and I am forever grateful for her. " 

Alex C., Los Angeles


"Firestar is a true healer and her work is so powerful. I had been dealing with heartbreak and asked her for help getting past it. She was friendly, receptive, and intuitive. She is very easy to talk to and her passion for her work really shows. She gave me a Reiki session using crystals. During the session, she also acted as a medium and identified the spirits that surround me. One of which was my grandmother. She was actually able to physically describe her, which brought me to tears. She was able to put me at peace and at the same time spark an excitement in me that I hadn't felt in awhile. She really helped change my perspective on myself and made me feel comfortable in my own skin again. Thank you Firestar for your incredible work!"

Bentrish, Oakland



"I couldn't have found a more wonderful Reiki teacher ! Firestar is truly a master of her craft! She is very gifted not only in her intuition and discernment of what's going on in someone's energy body, but also in teaching and explaining things. Since she is so well rounded in different healing avenues, she even taught us 'extras' that I'm so grateful for. I highly recommend her as a practitioner and as a teacher! She has a lot of experience and is passionate about helping others and creates a safe space. Thanks for all the great work you do Firestar, the world needs more beautiful souls like you!"

Christie C., Sedona

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