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House Blessings


(Price may vary depending on location and size of home)


A customized house blessing/clearing designed personally for you to claim your sacred space and set your intentions in a ceremonial style experience.

  • Have you moved into a new home and need to clear out the other person's energy? 

  • Is there any type of disturbing interference energy in your home?  

  • Have you recently gone through life changes and want your home and environment to reflect that?   

"Firestar came to our house and facilitated an intention ceremony. My kids participated as well and loved it! She cleansed our home and helped us start our lives here without the leftover energy from the previous owners. We set intentions and goals and established them to each other. It was so wonderful to hear what everyone wanted and learn more about how our family can collectively help each other reach our goals together. We have started an annual tradition for our Spring Cleanse that we are so happy to have Firestar lead!"... Elizabeth B. 

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