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Through a combination of various healing modalities acquired over 31 years, Firestar helps you identify and remove the root cause of your blocked energy or imbalance—whether emotional, mental, physical, or energetic. She assists you in making a conscious connection to what your soul is communicating. Permanent healing occurs when you identify the cause of the imbalance, release the blocked and/or trapped emotions held in your body and/or energy field, and then continue to make the necessary lifestyle changes to maintain that new frequency.

Intuitive Reading

60 min $200 (Virtual)

Go Deeper Healing

120 min $300 (In person or virtual)

Integrative Bodywork

90 min $250 (Price may vary depending on location)

Reiki 1,2, and Master Classes

(Price varies depending on location 

(In person or virtual)

Lifestyle Mentoring

Custom Designed Package

(In person or virtual)

House Blessing


(Time/price may vary depending on location and size of home)

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